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Audio Devices Android

Settings Before Recording Android / Audio Devices Android

Audio Devices

When recording your Android screen, choose what audio device to record audio/sound from. Record audio/sound from computer sound or microphone or both computer sound and microphone simultaneously.

  • On/Off

    Toggle switch to record any sounds or not

  • Computer Sound
    Computer Sound

    Record any system sounds from the computer

  • Microphone

    Record sounds from a microphone

  • Custom

    Record sounds with external line from an external device.

  • guide-audiodevices-5
    Option Button

    Show all enabled devices to record sounds to select

Start liteCam> Options> Audio Devices

UI 1-1

Option UI 1-1 Audio Devices



    Finally, select a Device you want to record sound/audio from.

1. Toggle ON

2. Choose either Computer sound or Microphone

3. For Dual Recording select Computer sound in 2, then Tick Microphone input.

Audio Device