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liteCam Game Release!

We are very pleased to announce a new Recording program for PC games, liteCam Game.

liteCam Game has an easy and simplified interface and can record DirectX and OpenGL games in stunning HD quality

It minimizes impact on actual gaming performance and can record up to 100FPS with small file size.



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• Game Recording: Capture most DirectX and OpenGL games in 100FPS

• Video Recording: Record your web based games and Twitch TV live show.

• Dual Audio recording: simultaneously record your game sound and your microphone commentary

• PIP: Webcam recording

• Shortcut Keys: for easier and quicker method of navigating

• Screen Capture: capture a screen short while recording

• Converter: Convert your recorded videos and audio files

• Audio extractor: Extract any sound or audio from your recorded videos

• Title, Credits, and logo: Add Title, Logo and Credits to your recorded video

• Trimming: equipped with simple trimming tool to trim the recorded videos

• Upload to YouTube: Upload your video to YouTube as soon as you finish recording them




liteCam Game costs USD $30.00 (Go to Store)

liteCam Game is also available in STEAM website.