User Case

Real use cases from liteCam HD users for their intention to record and the results they achieved.

Record videos for personal review

Theater Image

  • Record videos that cannot be downloaded

    “I use this program to record either streaming videos that cannot be downloaded as files, or to re-record video files that have time limited DRM so that they can be viewed at a later date, such as those from the BBC.”

  • Convert TV shows to watch on Android tablet

    “I use liteCam to convert video material to play on my Android tablet and to assist me in capturing film and TV videos. It is proving to be a very flexible and useful utility.”

  • Record YouTube and local TV news

    “It is to record YouTube videos and occasionally to record a segment of the local TV news. When I do want to capture from the news I will go to the local TV stations web site. Once I find the segment or news story that I’m looking for I will play it by clicking on that story. Then I bring up litecam, “select” the view of the screen that I want to record, then start the story playing and hit record.”

  • Record sports video clips

    “II record soccer videos and video breakdowns of the NBA and NFL.”

Screen capture for tutorials

tutorials Image

  • Screen capture for video tutorials

    “I am an IT tech and I mainly use it for doing tutorials. Capturing voice and mouse movements.”

  • Convert TV shows to watch on Android tablet

    “I use your product to make videos showing how to navigate some database programs that we use. We use this for internal use only and the LiteCam videos are stored and accessed from the server. ”

  • Guide website visitors with tutorials

    “I mainly use LiteCam to illustrate to users of my website how to perform certain functions (and in this context the annotate /voice record / show ”

Record webinar and online lectures

online lectures Image

  • Record online lectures

    “I’m going use it to record live streaming lectures for an online degree I’m doing – videos that might otherwise be unavailable for download.”

  • Record online seminar and training materials

    “I record webex/gotomeeting/youtube/ various training materials with liteCam HD.”

  • Record online seminars

    “I am using liteCam to record seminars on the internet about currency trading”

  • Record webinars

    “I use the software to record Gotomeeting webinars.”

Record video or lessons for teaching

teaching Image

  • Record films to use for lectures

    “I record parts of films, it seems to be too large a file to record whole films – this is hardly illegal. I am a professor so it is useful for my lectures.”

  • Record YouTube for teaching

    “I teach and therefore record a lot of videos from YouTube and movies to illustrate my points.”

  • Record lessons for students to watch at home

    “I record lessons (audio and screen capture) that my students can then watch at home. Initially this would be to give students an opportunity to see key lessons if they are absent or need to review but the future goal is to “”flip”” a lot of lessons – have students learn the material at home via video and then reinforce the skills and understanding the following day with activities.”

Record important conversation and documents for working

working Image

  • Record dance video clips for references

    “I am a dance teacher and I use to capture video clips of choreography and save them for future reference”

  • Record necessary web and document for better working

    “I record web session for work, so I can review later for better communication. And I also record necessary document, so I can keep for reference.”

  • Record company events through webcam

    “I used LiteCam to record my company events via various webcams, so that those unable to watch it, particularly in Europe because of the time difference, would be able to do so.”

Record online chatting

online chatting Image

  • Record online chatting

    “My reason for using Litecam is to record some of my online chats with overseas friends via a chat messenger programs.”

  • Record Skype video chatting

    “I talk a lot on Skype to family who live in other countries, so it would be nice to record our conversations so I can watch them later”

Record game playing

game playing Image

  • Record my game playing

    “I am using the litecam at the moment for my flight simulator.”

  • Record game playing to create how to play videos

    “I am planning to use this software for educational purposes, and for recording what i do while playing games.”

Record stock market activities

stock market activities Image

  • Record stock market activity

    “I record forex/stock market activity on 8 monitors in real time and be able to replay the market action effectively speeded up.”

  • Record my working in day trading

    “I am a day trader so I am essentially recording the execution of my trades.”