privacy policy

  1. Article 1 (Purpose)

    The purpose of this Terms and Conditions is to set the policies for liteCam provided by Rsupport Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Company”) and all related users and the company and the rights, duties, and responsibilities, and other necessary matters related to the use of “service”.

  2. Article 2 (Definitions)

    As used in this Agreement, the following defined terms shall apply:

    1. ① “Service” is referred to as the implementation of the terminal (such as PCs, portable terminals, various wired and wireless devices, including TV, etc. that can be used regardless of the “User”) and liteCam (PC, portable devices, TV’s that allows remote control over the wired and wireless internet for file transfer, recording, known as the “Service”) and the related “Service”.
    2. ② “User” or “Users” is referred to as individual and corporation who signed a contract to receive “Service” (known as customers in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
    3. ③ “Password” is referred to as a combination of letters or numbers to identify the “User” with given “ID” by verifying the match.
    4. ⑤ “Post” is referred to sign, character, voice, acoustic and meaningful information in the form of text, images and videos of photos, videos and files and links posted from the device (PC, TV, etc. of various portable devices, including wired and wireless devices), or in the “Company” homepage by the “User”.
  3. Article 3 (Terms and Conditions Posting and Revision)

    1. ① “Company” publishes the contents of this Agreement on the initial screen of the “service” for the “User”.
    2. ② “Company” reserves the right to amend this Terms and Conditions within the acceptance of “Contract Regulation Act”, “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.” (hereafter “Network and Information act”).
    3. ③ “Company” will specify the reason and the effective date and notify by the means descried in paragraph (1) from 30 days before the amendment and the application of it. However, if there is any terms considered to be adverse to the users is to be the amended, it will be announced in addition to a period of time via e-mail, PC or a portable terminal as separate notification.
    4. ④ “User” shall express clearly their disagreement during the 30 days of notification; otherwise “User” will be seen as agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
    5. ⑤ If “User” does not agree to the revised Terms and Conditions, “Company” will not apply the contents of the revised terms to that “User” and in this case “User” can terminate the contract of use. However, if there are special circumstances that existing Terms and Conditions cannot be applied, “Company” can terminate the contract.
  4. Article 4 (Terms of Interpretation)

    For matters not set forth in this Agreement or the interpretation will follow relevant laws and or commercial practices regulations.

  5. Article 5 (Contract)

    1. ① Contract is set forth at the moment when an individual (hereafter “Applicant”) first run the “Service” related application and agree to the Terms and Conditions and “Company” approves such agreement.
    2. ② Principle of consent is for “Company” to approve “Applicant” agreement for the “Service”. However, “Company” may terminate the contract or not approve “Application” for the following cases.
      1. “Applicant” who has been disqualified previously by the terms mentioned with the exception granted by the “Company” for “Applicant” Reactivation.
      2. “Applicant” claimed to be a different entity.
      3. “Applicant” provides false or incomplete information as requested by “Company”.
      4. Children under the age of 14 without the consent of their legal representative (such as a parent).
      5. Violation due to any reason attributable to the “Applicant”, or by other regulatory matters.
    3. ③ “Company” can request proof of identity of “Applicant” to professional organization under paragraph (1)
    4. ④ “Company” reserves the right to withhold the approval of “Applicant” in case of technical or business difficulties or “service” outage.
    5. ⑤ “Applicant” subscription request withheld by Section 2 and Section 4, “Company” will notify the “Applicant” of such action.
    6. ⑥ “Company” in accordance with company policy, can grade the “User” by the usage duration, frequency, segmenting the “Service” menu.
  6. Article 6 (User Information Change)

    1. ① “User” can view and modify their personal information through “service” and customer service. But, terminal device keys, ID, etc. required for “Service” management cannot be modified.
    2. ② “User” must use online service to change personal information provided at the subscription or “User” must notify the “Company” about the change via electronic mail or any other means.
    3. ③ “Company” shall not be liable for any damages resulting from violating paragraph (2).
  7. Article 7 (Privacy Obligations)

    “Company” takes the protection of “Users” personal data very seriously and strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, including the “Information Network Act”. Privacy laws and “Company” policy applies to protection and usage of personal information. However, “Company’s” privacy policy will not cover any linked unofficial sites.

  8. Article 8 (Management obligations for “User”, “Username” and “Password”)

    1. ① “User” is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of its “User”, “Username” and “Password”, and Customer is solely responsible for any and all activities that occur under its account and not let access by any 3rd party.
    2. ② “Company” can limit the usage of “User’s” “ID” in the case the personal information is compromised, antisocial activity, against public morals activity or misleading to the “Company” administrator.
    3. ③ “User” agrees to notify “Company » immediately of any unauthorized use of its account or any other breach of security.
    4. ④ “Company” shall not be liable for any damages resulting from violating paragraph (3).
  9. Article 9 (Notification to “User”)

    1. ① “Company” will notify “User” via electronic mail and internal notification option in the application unless otherwise specified in the agreement.
    2. ② “Company” will place notification that affects all “Users” for 7 days on the “Company” website in lieu of the notice referred to in paragraph (1).
  10. Article 10 (“Company” obligations)

    1. ① “Company” will not respect morals, laws and Terms and Conditions do the best effort to provide continuous and reliable “Service”.
    2. ② “Company” should be equipped with security system to protect personal information (including credit information) to provide safe and reliable “Service” to “Users” in accordance to Privacy Policy compliance.
    3. ③ “Company” must process “User” report regarding “Service” accordingly. Electronic mail or website will be used to communicate with the customer and be transparent on the resolution of the issue.
  11. Article 11 (“User” obligations)

    1. ① “User” shall not:

      1. Provide or change to false information at the registration
      2. Use other “User” information
      3. Change information published by the “Company”
      4. Transfer or post information (such as application) other than those allowed by the “Company”
      5. Infringe copyright of “Company’s” and 3rd parties’ intellectual property rights
      6. Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, and all other processing through the act of replication, disassemble, or imitate the “Service”
      7. Perform defamatory acts on the “Company” or any 3rd party, or interfere with the business.
      8. Transfer or post indecent or violent messages, videos, call, and other violation to public order and morals with “Service”
      9. Perform actions which violate copyright law, without the consent of the “Company” to use the “Service” for the purpose of profit making.
      10. Perform other unlawful or wrongful act.
    2. ② “User” must comply with the Relations Act, the Terms of this Agreement, related guidance and notifications about the “Service“ that shall not interfere with “Company” business.
    3. ③ “User” must pay a nominal fee set by the “Company” for non-personal or commercial purposes.
  12. Article 12 (providing “Service”)

    1. ① The company provides the following “Service” to “Users”.

      • Remote Control “Service”
      • File transfer “Service”
      • Recording storage and editing “Service”
      • File backup and recovery “Service”
      • Any additional development by the “Company” or partnership agreements with other companies.
    2. ② “Company” reserves the right to provide regionally limited “Service” and will notify of this with available time frame to “Users”.
    3. ③ “Company” will make the most effort to provide “Service” for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    4. ④ “Company” can temporarily suspend the “Service” in case of computer maintenance, repair, replacement, and failure of communication in a substantial disruption or operational reasons. For those cases, “Company” will notify “Users” as set forth in Article (9). However, “Company” might notify “User” post the suspension for unavoidable reasons.
    5. ⑤ “Company” will perform maintenance as required for “Service”, and notification of such will be displayed in “Service” screen.
  13. Article 13 (changing “Service”)

    1. ① “Company” may change all or part of “Service” under considerable reasons and needs such as operational or technical.
    2. ② All changes to “Service” must be notified in the PC or device’s notification area or “Company” website prior to the effective date detailing usage, affected schedule, reason of the change.
    3. ③ “Company” shall have the right to modify, suspend and change all or part of “Service” provided with no fee associated in the need of company policy and management, and compensation will not be provided unless it is mandated by related law.
  14. Article 14 (Information Sharing and Disclosure)

    1. ① “Company” shall have the right to use “User” information that is considered necessary for the “Service”, specifically for purposes of establishing contact, processing of orders, for advertising and for the protection of our own legitimate business interests with regard to advising and supporting “Users” and prospects. This consent can be revoked with effect for the future at any time.
    2. ② “Company” shall have the right to advertise “Service” related information to application screen, homepage, or electronic mail. “User” can opt-out to the electronic mail with advertisement by notifying the “Company”.
    3. ③ “User” shall not limit or restrict the “Company” ability to modify, update or limit “Service” related posts or any other information.
  15. Article 15 (“Post” Copyright)

    1. ① Copyright of “Post” created by the “User” related to the “Service” belongs to the author of this post.
    2. ② “Company” will comply with copyright laws, and “User” shall be allowed to request via customer service the removal, exclusion from search results, limit visibility of their “Post”.
    3. ③ “Company” shall be contacting the “User” via phone, fax, and e-mail to obtain “User” consent for usage of “Post” other than the purpose specified in paragraph (2).
  16. Article 16 (“Post” Management)

    1. ① “Company” shall request the “User” to suspend and/or remove “Post” if in violation of “Information Network Act “ and ”Copyright Law“, and “Company” will act in accordance to the mandate of the law.
    2. ② “Company” will temporarily suspend the access to infringing material or disabling all links to the infringing material if copyright law violation is detected even without “User” request as stated in paragraph (1).
  17. Article 17 (Intellectual Property)

    1. ① All intellectual properties and its copyright related to the “Service” belongs to the “Company”. But, “Post” or any other information produced by “User” is excluded.
    2. ② “Company” shall have the full ownership of logo, and all other trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used in connection with the “Service” protected by copyrights and other intellectual property rights based on laws of the Republic of Korea.
    3. ③ “Company” shall provide the “User” the ability to use of “ID” and contents related to “Service” defined by this Terms and Conditions. “User’s » use of the “Service » grants them no right or license to reproduce or otherwise use any “Company » or third-party trademarks.
  18. Article 18 (Termination, Contract Termination)

    1. ① Notwithstanding the foregoing, “User » may terminate the “Service » by contacting customer service and “Company » will agree and process immediately.
    2. ② Upon termination, “User” information will be destroyed unless otherwise specified in the Privacy Policy.
  19. Article 19 (Limitation)

    1. ① “Company » may in its sole discretion notify, suspend and/or terminate these Terms and the “Service » and right to use “Service » if the “User » breach these Terms and Conditions.
    2. ② “Company » may in its sole discretion terminate these Terms and the “Service » and right to use “Service » immediately regardless of any previous terms if the “User » breach the Copyright Law, violate Computer Program Protection Act, Information Network Act, illegal communication, hacking, malware distribution, etc.
    3. ③ Limitations and conditions for this Article will be described in the “Company” Limitation Policy and individual “Service” Operating Policy.
    4. ④ Pursuant to this Article, “User” will be notified by the means described in Article (9).
    5. ⑤ “Users” may present disagreement to the “Company” terms. “Company” may in its sole discretion review the “User” disagreement and may reinstate the “Service”.
  20. Article 20 (Limitation of Liability)

    1. ① In no event will “Company » be liable with respect to any subject matter of this agreement under any contract, negligence, strict liability or other legal or equitable theory for any special,
    2. ② In no event will “Company” be liable for damages resulted of using “Service” attributable to “User”.
    3. ③ In no event will “Company” be held responsible for the accuracy, reliability, usefulness of the information provided by “User” in the form of “Post”.
    4. ④ “Company” responsibility will be waived in case of trading between “User” and 3rd party vendor.
    5. ⑤ In no event will “Company” be liable and responsible nor monitor the quality for any 3rd party “Service” advertised and/or linked to “Company” website.
    6. ⑥ In no event will “Company” and “Company” employees will be liable for, but not limited to:
    7. ⑦ a
      1. false information or inaccuracies attributed to any damage by the “User”,
      2. any personal damages or loss incurred in the course of the use of “service” regardless of any nature or cause,
      3. any damage or loss incurred due to unauthorized access or use by 3rd party to the “Service’s” server,
      4. any damage or loss incurred due to transfer and/or distribution of virus, spyware and any other malware by 3rd party using the “Service”,
      5. any damage or loss incurred from transmitted data that are erroneous, incomplete or destroyed,
      6. Any civil and criminal liability such as, but no limited to, defamation between “Users” incurred during the use of “Service.
    8. ⑧ No party (“Company” and “User”) shall be liable for any performance failure, delay in performance, or lost data under the use of free “Service”.
  21. Article 21 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

    The interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, and the “Company” and “User” in the resolution of any disputes between shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea, and any disputes between “Company” and “User” shall be raised on the Code of Civil Procedure, a court of competent jurisdiction in litigation.

Last Updated: 15 May 2012